multimedia device
In collaboration with
Miriam Schmitt
Christopher Prenzel

Supervised by
Prof. Peter Eckart

In cooperation with
BROCKHAUS (german book publisher)

The way to read hasn't changed since a long time. Digital devices did. The way how we can get and pass on information got multiple possibilities. The analog book made out of paper is still an important way to conserve knoledge. How can we combine different ways of information in one device? How can we make the process of learning more effective and diverse? BROCKHAUS is a traditional german book publisher who wants to make the reading of analog books in a time of apps and e-reader still interesting and effective. The project also showed the pros and cons of tradition and the process of change.
Reading could be supported by electric devices to make it more multimedia. Codes in the books, hidden in pictures or in printed letters. An added 5th color in the printing process, invisible for the human eye, makes it possible. The multimedia device is able to scan the code for playing videos or showing current pictures, for example in a lexicon. Is that a new way of reading analog books in our digital world?
The design of pen2 includes a digital pen and a related charging station. With the help of this device acoustic contents can be played by the reader of the Brockhaus Encyclopedia. Along with follow-on acoustic information on a chosen topic the device also offers a fascinating new world of reading for children. At first sight the corresponding/appendant mug appears to be just a regular pen holder. But, as a matter of fact, it is not because the bottom of the mug is equipped with an induction recharging technology. Twisting the upper part of the mug activates the loudspeakers and the volume control.

Pen2 is inspired by ergonomic shapes of pens and their aesthetics.
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