Interactive skin on low technology

In collaboration with
Martin Pohlmann

Supervised by
Prof. Peter Eckart
Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach

IMD (institute of material design)

In cooperation with
EVONIK Industries

Light Skin is the vision of an interactive “skin” in an automotive context. Stimuli such as touch, pressure and vibration are received via embedded silicon lenses and released as spots of light: touch becomes visible and provides an optical feedback. The display becomes an analogous interface between object and space. Along with its tactile qualities, in an automotive context Light Skin makes it possible to control the car body and use it as an information and warning display in traffic by visualizing physical forces. Centrifugal and inertial forces would then make the vehicle light up in different ways. Light Skin strives to overcome the existing notion of an automobile and re-interpret its function and appearance.
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