two lenses-one camera

Supervised by
Prof. Peter Eckart

Inspired by professional photographers, the design of duplex360 tries to place the most important of a professional camera in the foreground: the lenses. They are usually timeless or aging much slower than the technology of the digital camera. Why does the design of professional cameras not focusing on the lenses?

Already with two lenses a photographer is prepared for most motifs (24 mm and 70 mm). Lenses without zoom capability usually offer a higher picture quality and light sensitivity. Duplex360 combines ergonomic and professional requirements in a compact format. The non-usable lens serves as a handle while taking photos with the other lens.

A new kind of photography:
Two lenses take a photo at the same time in the same direction with different perspectives.
Or two lenses take a photo at the same time but in different directions. What happens behind the camera while taking the photo?

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